The World of Specimen

Specimen is set 300 years in the future, in a universe where humankind has gone out to the stars. Industries that were once solely terrestrial have gone interstellar, and the shipping industry is no exception. The DeLeo-Kaga Corporation is one of the top five interplanetary freight companies, with a large fleet of ships taking supplies, scientific equipment, mining gear, and products of all sorts to and from Earth and various colonized planets. The T.C.S. Brown is one of their mid-level ships, an older freighter with somewhat antiquated features.

Exobiology is a growing field. With each new planet the people of Earth visit, myriad new life forms are discovered. The Exobiology Research Laboratory was founded by Doctors Karl Viktor and William Nell-Hart. Within the first few years of the Laboratory’s existence, they had established satellite laboratories on several planets, including Europa, Kepler 62f, Gliese 581c, and Deneb IV.