The T.C.S. Brown

TCS Brown Mission Portrait

The T.C.S. Brown, registry number 102168, is an R-Class freighter owned by the DeLeo-Kaga Corporation. It has a crew complement of seven, and is currently assigned the shipping route between Earth and Deneb IV.

On July 1, 2311, the Brown departed New Arlington Station on Deneb IV and headed for Earth.  The cargo in their hold included a scientist, Dr. Viktor of the Exobiology Research Lab, in suspended animation, as well as several containers containing biological specimens.

Their last transmission was sent on January 16, 2312. A few weeks later, the ship was listed as overdue.

T.C.S. Brown crew roster:
Captain Tyler
First Officer Gibson
Second Officer Palance
Science Officer Franklin
Navigator Whitaker
Chief Engineer Douglas
Second Engineer Booth