Exobiology Research Lab


The Exobiology Research Laboratory was founded in Chicago by Doctors Karl Viktor and William Nell-Hart. ERL’s mission was to study the myriad new life forms being discovered throughout the galaxy as humankind explored and colonized far-flung star systems. Within the first few years of the Laboratory’s existence, they had established satellite laboratories on several planets and moons, including Europa, Kepler 62f, Gliese 581c, and Deneb IV.

In July 2311, Doctor Viktor departed Deneb IV for Earth aboard the freighter T.C.S. Brown. He was placed in suspended animation for the duration of the voyage. He brought with him several shipping containers, in which he had placed several live specimens which he had been studying at the lab on Deneb IV. In early 2312, the T.C.S. Brown was listed as missing by the Interstellar Transportation Safety Board. Dr. Viktor is presumed dead.